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(Single Best Answer) Question 1: A 30-year old male with history of alcohol abuse for 15 years is brought to the hospital emergency with complaints of fearfulness mis-recognition, talking to self, aggressive behaviour, tremulosness and seeing snakes and reptiles that are not visible to others around him. There is a history of drinking alcohol two days prior to the onset of the present complaints. He is most likely suffering from ?
A) Delirium tremens
B) Alcoholic hallucinosis
C) Schizophrenia
D) Seizure disorder
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(Single Best Answer) Question 2: A 50 year old chronic alcoholic male agricultural worker presented with high grade fever of one week duration with spells of chills and rigor. Examination of the respiratory system revealed bilateral crepitations with scattered rhonchi. Multiple subcutaneous nodules were found on the extensor surface of the left forearm, arm and left leg. Direct microscopy of the pus aspirated from the skin nodule revealed plenty of Gram negative bacilli with bipolar staining. Culture revealed distinct rough corrugated grey-white colonies on Blood Agar. The organisms were motile and oxidase positive. The most likely diagnosis is ?
A) Plague
B) Melioidosis
C) Bartonellosis
D) Actinomycosis
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(Single Best Answer) Question 3: A 50 year old male patient, an alcoholic and smoker presents with a 3 hour history of severe retrosternal chest pain and increasing shortness of breath. He started having this pain while eating, which was constant and radiated to the back and interscapular region. He was a known hypertensive. On, examination, he was cold and clammy with a heart rate of 130/min, and a BP of 80/40 mmHg, JVP was normal. All peripheral pulses were present and equal. Breath sounds were decreased at the left lung base and chest x-ray showed left pleural effusion. What is the most likely diagnosis ?
A) Acute aortic dissection
B) Acute myocardial infarction
C) Rupture of the oesophagus
D) Acute pulmonary embolism
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