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Blood Group
(Single Best Answer) Question 1: Although more than 400 blood groups have been identified, the ABO blood group system remains the most important in clinical medicine because ?
A) It was the first blood group system to be discovered
B) It has four different blood groups A, B, AB, O(H)
C) ABO(H) antigens are present in most body tissues and fluids
D) ABO(H) antibodies are invariably present in plasma when persons RBC lacks the corresponding antigen
Answer (Select an option above to get the answer):
(Single Best Answer) Question 2: A 55 year old male accident victim in casualty urgently needs blood. The blood bank is unable to determine his ABO group, as his red cell group and plasma group do not match. Emergency transfusion of patient should be with ?
A) RBC corresponding to his red cell group and colloids/crystalloid
B) Whole blood group corresponding to his plasma group
C) O positive RBC and colloids/crystalloid
D) AB negative whole blood
Answer (Select an option above to get the answer):
(Single Best Answer) Question 3: A man is rushed to casualty, nearly dying after a massive blood loss in an accident. There is not much time to match blood groups, so the physician decides to order for one of the following blood groups. Which one of the following blood groups should the physician decide ?
A) O negative
B) O positive
C) AB positive
D) AB negative
Answer (Select an option above to get the answer):
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