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Culture Media
(Single Best Answer) Question 1: A 45 year old female complains of lower abdominal pain and vaginal discharge. On examination there is cervicitis along with a mucopurulent cervical discharge. The gram smear of the discharge shows presence of abundant pus cells but no bacteria. The best approach to isolate the possible causative agent would be ?
A) Culture on chocolate agar supplemented with Haemin
B) Culture on McCoy cells
C) Culture on a bilayer of human blood agar
D) Culture on vero cell lines
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(Single Best Answer) Question 2: An outbreak of streptococcal pharyngitis has occurred in a remote village. In order to carry out the epidemiological investigations of the outbreak it is necessary to perform the culture of the throat swab of the patients suffering from the disease. The transport media of choice would be ?
A) Salt mannitol media
B) Pike's media
C) Stuart's media
D) Cary Blair media
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(Single Best Answer) Question 3: There has been an outbreak of food borne salmonella gastroenteritis in the community and the stool samples have been received in the laboratory. Which is the enrichment medium of choice ?
A) Cary Blair medium
B) V R medium
C) Selenite 'F' medium
D) Thioglycolate medium
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(Single Best Answer) Question 4: The following statements are true regarding Chlamydia except ?
A) Erythromycin is effective for therapy of Chlamydial infections
B) Their cell wall lacks a peptidoglycan layer
C) They can grow in cell free culture media
D) They are obligate intracellular bacteria
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(Single Best Answer) Question 5: A clinical specimen was obtained from the wound of a patient diagnosed as Nocardiosis. For the selective isolation of Nocardia sp. which one of the following would be the best method ?
A) Paraffin bait technique
B) Castaneda's culture method
C) Craige's tube method
D) Hair bait technique
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