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Glucose 6 Phosphatase
(Single Best Answer) Question 1: A newborn infant refuses breast milk since the 2nd day of birth, vomits on force-feeding but accepts glucose-water, develops diarrhoea on the third day, by the 5th day she is jaundiced with liver enlargement and eyes show signs of cataract. Urinary reducing sugar was positive but blood glucose estimated by glucose oxidation method was found low. The most likely cause is deficiency of ?
A) Galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase
B) Beta galactosidase
C) Glucose-6-phosphatase
D) Galactokinase
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(Single Best Answer) Question 2: Fluoride, used in the collection of blood samples for glucose estimation, inhibits the enzyme ?
A) Glucokinase
B) Hexokinase
C) Enolase
D) Glucose-6-phosphatase
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