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(Single Best Answer) Question 1: A 50 year old chronic alcoholic male agricultural worker presented with high grade fever of one week duration with spells of chills and rigor. Examination of the respiratory system revealed bilateral crepitations with scattered rhonchi. Multiple subcutaneous nodules were found on the extensor surface of the left forearm, arm and left leg. Direct microscopy of the pus aspirated from the skin nodule revealed plenty of Gram negative bacilli with bipolar staining. Culture revealed distinct rough corrugated grey-white colonies on Blood Agar. The organisms were motile and oxidase positive. The most likely diagnosis is ?
A) Plague
B) Melioidosis
C) Bartonellosis
D) Actinomycosis
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(Single Best Answer) Question 2: A bacterial disease that has been associated with the 3 Rs i.e., rats, ricefields, and rainfall is:
A) Leptospirosis
B) Plague
C) Melioidosis
D) Rodent-bite fever
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(Single Best Answer) Question 3: The following statements are true regarding melioidosis except ?
A) It is caused by Burkholderia mallei
B) The agent is a gram negative aerobic bacteria
C) Bipolar staining of the aetiological agent is seen with methylene blue stain
D) The most common form of melioidosis is pulmonary infection
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