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(Single Best Answer) Question 1: A young boy who was driving motorcycle at a high speed collided with a tree and was thrown on his right shoulder. Though there was no fracture, his right arm was medically rotated and forearm pronated. The following facts concerning this patient are correct, except ?
A) The injury was at Erb's point
B) A lesion of C5 and C6 was present
C) The median and ulnar nerves were affected
D) Supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subclavius and biceps brachii were paralysed
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(Single Best Answer) Question 2: In a vehicular accident, the musculocutaneous nerve was completely severed, but still the person was able to weakly flex the elbow joint. All of the following muscles are responsible for this flexion, except ?
A) Brachioradialis
B) Flexor carpi radialis
C) Ulnar head of pronator teres
D) Flexor carpi ulnaris
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(Single Best Answer) Question 3: Palatine Aponeurosis is ?
A) A part of musculus uvulae
B) A modification of palatal periosteum
C) Tendon of Levator veli palatine muscle
D) Tendon of Tensor veli palatine muscle
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