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Open Cholecystectomy
(Single Best Answer) Question 1: Regarding bile duct injuries following Cholecystectomy which of the following statements is false ?
A) The incidence following open cholecystectomy is in the range of 0.2 - 0.3 %
B) The incidence rate following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is three times higher than the rates following Open cholecystectomy
C) Untreated cases may develop secondary biliary cirrhosis
D) Routine use of 'open' technique of laparascopic port insertion has resulted in a decline in the incidence of post-laparascopic cholecystectomy bile duct injuries
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(Single Best Answer) Question 2: A 40 year old patient has undergone an open cholecystectomy. The procedure was reported as uneventful by the operating surgeon. She has 100 ml of bile output from the drain kept in the gall bladder bed on the first post operative day. On examination she is afebrile and anicteric. The abdomen is soft and bowel sounds are normally heard. As an attending physician, what should be your best possible advice ?
A) Order an urgent endoscopic retrograde cholangiography and biliary stenting
B) Urgent laparotomy
C) Order an urgent hepatic iminodiacetic acid scintigraphy (HIDA)
D) Clinical observation
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(Single Best Answer) Question 3: A 69 year old male patient having coronary artery disease was found to have gall bladder stones while undergoing a routine ultrasound of the abdomen. There was no history of biliary colic or jaundice at any time. What is the best treatment advice for such a patient for his gallbladder stones ?
A) Open cholecystectomy
B) Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
C) No surgery for gallbladder stones
D) ERCP and removal of gallbladder stones
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