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(Single Best Answer) Question 1: Joint between epiphysis and diaphysis of a long bone is a type of ?
A) Plane synovial joint
B) Fibrous joint
C) Symphysis
D) Synchondrosis
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(Single Best Answer) Question 2: Dislocation of the vertebae is uncommon in thoracic region because in this region ?
A) The articular processes are interlocked
B) The vertebral body is long
C) Anterior longitudinal ligament is strong
D) Spinous process is long and pointed
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(Single Best Answer) Question 3: All of the following physiological processes occur during the growth at the epiphyseal plate except ?
A) Proliferation of hypertrophy
B) Calcification and ossification
C) Vasculogenesis and erosion
D) Replacement of red bone marrow with yellow marrow
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