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Sexually Transmitted Disease
(Single Best Answer) Question 1: A 24 year old male presents to a STD clinic with a single, painless ulcer on external genitalia. The choice of laboratory test to look for the etiological agent would be ?
A) Scrappings from ulcer for culture on chocholate agar with antibiotic supplement
B) Serology for detection of specific IgM antibodies
C) Scrappings from ulcer for dark field microscopy
D) Scarppings from ulcer for tissue culture
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(Single Best Answer) Question 2: A 23 year old male had unprotected sexual intercourse with a commercial sex worker. Two weeks later, he developed a painless, indurated ulcer on the glans which exuded clear serum on pressure. Inguinal lymph nodes in both groins were enlarged and not tender. The most appropriate diagnostic test is ?
A) Gram's stain of ulcer discharge
B) Darkfield microscopy of ulcer discharge
C) Giemsa stain of lymph node aspirate
D) ELISA for HIV infection
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