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Subarachnoid Space
(Single Best Answer) Question 1: The vertebral artery traverses all of the following except ?
A) Foramen magnum
B) Subarachnoid space
C) Intervertebral foramen
D) Foramen transversarium
Answer (Select an option above to get the answer):
(Single Best Answer) Question 2: Which of the following is the most common location of intracranial neurocysticercosis ?
A) Brain parenchyma
B) Subarachnoid space
C) Spinal cord
D) Orbit
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(Single Best Answer) Question 3: A patient was administered epidural anaesthesia with 15 ml of 1.5% lignocaine with adrenaline for hernia surgery. He developed hypotension and respiratory depression within 3 minutes after administration of block. The commonest cause would be ?
A) Allergy to drug administered
B) Systemic toxicity to drug administered
C) Patient got vasovagal shock
D) Drug has entered the sub arachnoid space
Answer (Select an option above to get the answer):
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