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The Sentence

Definition: A sentence is a group of words arranged in proper order to make complete sense.

1. reading a book i am.
2. I am reading a book.

Here both the group of words are same but in the second group, words are arranged in proper order to make a complete sense. So, second statement is correct sentence.

  1. The words in a sentence are placed in their proper order to make a complete sense.
  2. A sentence always begins with a capital letter.
  3. A sentence always ends with a proper punctuation mark (e.g. a full stop (.), a question mark (?), an exclamation mark (!) )

When a group of words make sense but not complete sense, these are called phrases.

1. gives us milk.
2. good for health

We can add words in each of the above phrases to make them sentences.
1. The cow gives us milk.
2. Honey is good for health.