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MRCOG Part 2 Examination

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which overseas hospitals are recognised for MRCOG Part 2 training ?
Current regulations: All overseas hospital-based posts undertaken from 26 May 2001 onwards will be recognised. Any appointments undertaken before this date must have been in recognised posts.

After passing the MRCOG Part 2 written examination, does one have to appear for the immediately succeeding Oral Assessment ?
Yes. A pass in the MRCOG Part 2 written examination cannot be carried over. If you do not appear at the immediately succeeding MRCOG Oral Assessment (or fail it), you will need to resit the MRCOG Part 2 written examination.

Is there a time limit between passing the MRCOG Part 1 and passing the MRCOG Part 2 ?
No, but you are required to have attempted the MRCOG Part 2 at least once within ten years of passing the MRCOG Part 1, or gaining exemption from the MRCOG Part 1. You do not have to pass it within ten years but, if you do not even attempt it, you will have to pass the MRCOG Part 1 again.