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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test
for admission to postgraduate MD/MS/Diploma courses.

NEET PG 2014
NEET PG 2013

NEET-PG is the eligibility-cum-ranking examination prescribed as the single entrance examination to various MD/MS and PG Diploma Courses under ambit of Post Graduate Medical Regulations notified by Medical Council of India with approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and conducted by National Board of Examinations.


1. 3% seats shall be filled up by candidates with locomotory disability of lower limbs between 50% to 70%.

If unfilled then any such unfilled seat shall be filled up by persons with locomotory disability of lower limbs between 40% to 50% - before they are included in the annual sanctioned seats for General Category candidates.

2. In order to be eligible for admission to any postgraduate course in a particular academic year, it shall be necessary for a candidate to obtain minimum of marks at 50th percentile in ‘National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Postgraduate courses’ held for the said academic year. However, in respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, the minimum marks shall be at 40th percentile. In respect of candidates as provided in clause 9(II) above with locomotory disability of lower limbs, the minimum marks shall be at 45th percentile. The percentile shall be determined on the basis of highest marks secured in the All-India common merit list in ‘National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test’ for Postgraduate courses:

3. Provided when sufficient number of candidates in the respective categories fail to secure minimum marks as prescribed in National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test held for any academic year for admission to Post Graduate Courses, the Central Government in consultation with Medical Council of India may at its discretion lower the minimum marks required for admission to Post Graduate Course for candidates belonging to respective categories and marks so lowered by the Central Government shall be applicable for the said academic year only.

4. The reservation of seats in medical colleges/institutions for respective categories shall be as per applicable laws prevailing in States/ Union Territories. An all India merit list as well as State-wise merit list of the eligible candidates shall be prepared on the basis of marks obtained in National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test and candidates shall be admitted to Post Graduate courses from the said merit lists only.Provided that in determining the merit of candidates who are in service of Government/public authority, weightage in the marks may be given by the Government /Competent Authority as an incentive at the rate of 10% of the marks obtained for each year of service in remote and /or difficult areas upto the maximum of 30% of the marks obtained in National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test, the remote and difficult areas shall be as defined by State Government/Competent authority from time to time.

5. No candidate who has failed to obtain the minimum eligibility marks as prescribed in regulations, shall be admitted to any Postgraduate courses in the said academic year.

6. In non-Governmental medical colleges/institutions, 50% (Fifty Percent) of the total seats shall be filled by State Government or the Authority appointed by them, and the remaining 50% (Fifty Percent) of the seats shall be filled by the concerned medical colleges/institutions on the basis of the merit list prepared as per the marks obtained in National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test.

7. 50% of seats in Post Graduate Diploma Courses shall be reserved for Medical Officers in the Government service, who have served for at least three years in remote and/or difficult areas. After acquiring the PG Diploma, the Medical Officers shall serve for two more years in remote and/or difficult areas as defined by State Government/Competent authority from time to time.

8. The Universities and other authorities concerned shall organize admission process in such a way that teaching in postgraduate courses starts by 2nd May and by 1st August for super speciality courses each year. For this purpose, they shall follow the time schedule indicated in Appendix-III of the Regulations.

9. There shall be no admission of students in respect of any academic session beyond 31st May for postgraduate courses and 30th September for super speciality courses under any circumstances. The Universities shall not register any student admitted beyond the said date.

10. The Medical Council of India may direct, that any student identified as having obtained admission after the last date for closure of admission be discharged from the course of study, or any medical qualification granted to such a student shall not be a recognized qualification for the purpose of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. The institution which grants admission to any student after the last date specified for the same shall also be liable to face such action as may be prescribed by MCI including surrender of seats equivalent to the extent of such admission made from its sanctioned intake capacity for the succeeding academic year.

General Instructions

1. As per the Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, “There shall be a single eligibility cum entrance examination namely ‘National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for admission to Postgraduate Medical Courses’ in each academic year”.

2. Appearance in NEET-PG does not confer any automatic rights to score a Post graduate MD/MS/Post Diploma seat. The selection and admission to Postgraduate seats in any medical institutions recognized for running MD/MS/Post Graduate Diploma courses as per Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 is subject to fulfilling the admission criteria, eligibility, medical fitness and such criteria as may be prescribed by the respective universities, medical institutions, Medical Council of India, State/Central Government.

3. Online Registration and Scheduling for the examination must be completed by 12th November 2012 (by 23:59hrs).

4. Applications of candidates producing false or fabricated information will not be considered and candidates may be further debarred from appearing in any future examinations conducted by NBE /MoHFW/Other Institutions.

5. Candidates should go through the bulletin carefully for eligibility criteria, scheme, pattern of examination etc before contacting the NBE for any queries. Queries pertaining to eligibility and other issues will only be entertained if the information requested is not given in bulletin or on website

6. Incomplete applications or applications not in accordance with instructions will not be considered and are liable to be rejected. The examination fee will not be refunded in such cases.

7. Fee will neither be carried forward to a future date nor refunded under any circumstances. Online applications and/or their acknowledgment of submission received after the due date will not be entertained and exam fee will not be returned in such cases. Application once submitted cannot be withdrawn.

8. Instructions mentioned herein are liable to changes based on decisions taken by the NBE from time to time. There is no equity or any rights that are /or deemed to be arising in favor of candidate.

9. NBE reserves the right to withdraw permission, if any, granted inadvertently to any candidate who is not eligible to appear in the NEET-PG even though the admit card/roll number has been issued or name/roll number is displayed on the website of the Board.

10. Candidates eligibility is purely provisional & is subject to the fulfillment of eligibility criteria as prescribed by the NBE /MCI /University/ Medical College or Institute.

11. The existing schedule, pattern, policy and guidelines are for ready reference only but in no way they are or are ought to be treated as representative or acknowledgment of fact that NBE is bound to follow the same in future.

12. In case of any ambiguity in interpretation of any of the instructions/ terms/rules/criteria regarding the determination of eligibility/conduct of examinations/registration of candidates/information contained herein, the interpretation of the National Board of Examinations will be final and binding.

13. Requests are not entertained for change in date/ examination centre. Candidates are advised not to canvass for or submit such representations.

14. Absentees from the examination will forfeit their examination fee.

15. Result for NEET shall be available on the website by 31st Jan 2013.

16. In addition to their printed admit card with attested photo attached, candidates are required to carry their original as well as photocopy (to be retained by test centre) of their permanent or provisional MCI / State Medical Council registration certificate bearing their photograph.

If the original MCI/SMC registration is not present, or if it does not contain a photo, or if it’s expired, then an additional photo ID will need to be presented. Approved list of photo IDs include:

a) Passport or

b) PAN Card or

c) Voters ID card or

d) Driving License or

e) Aadhar Card or

Kindly note that the above document has to be VALID i.e. has not expired; No Photocopies of the above IDs will be permitted.

Candidates outside of India who do not have SMC/MCI registration should bring their original screening test pass certificate issued on the NBE letterhead.

Note: Candidates will not be allowed to test without their Admit Card or valid identification as mentioned above.

The examination test centre staff on duty is authorized to verify the identity of candidates and may take steps to verify and record the identity of candidates. Candidates are required to extend requisite cooperation.

17. Candidates should ensure before applying for the registration that their MBBS degree is recognized as per provisions of Indian Medical Council Act. If it is found at any time that MBBS degree is not recognized, the candidature/result shall be cancelled/ deemed to be cancelled.

18. All the correspondence should preferably be addressed by e-mail. The e-mail query shall be addressed only if it is not anonymous and contains the name, postal address and contact telephone number of the sender. An e-mail containing vague or general queries that are contained in the Information Bulletin shall not be entertained. Queries shall not be entertained from person claiming themselves to be representative, associates or officiates of the applicant candidate. The following information shall not be revealed by phone or email:

a) Internal documentation /status.

b) Internal Decision making process of National Board of Examinations.

c) Any claim /counter claim thereof.

d) Dates & venue of internal meetings or name of the staff/officers dealing.

e) Any information which in the opinion of NBE cannot be revealed.

19. The NEET-PG shall be conducted by NBE at exam centres engaged for the purpose. Candidates will be able to schedule their exams based on the availability of test centre on the date, time and venue of their choice. Candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with the route and location of the exam centre; location maps for all test centres are available on the website.

20. Candidates are advised to look into regularly for various information and notices pertaining to NEET-PG examination.

21. A Practice Test is available for the benefit of candidates to familiarize themselves with the Computer Based Test format at website Applicants will be able to access the practice test in October 2012 upon entering their confirmation ID (issued at the end of registration and scheduling process).

22. Candidates kindly note that by registering for the NEET PG, they are covered by Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA); as per NDA candidates cannot disclose any question or contents of question paper in part or otherwise with any person or party or website or such other media/publication. Any act in breach of the NDA shall be liable for penal action as per law, kindly note that this is a punishable offence and shall lead to cancellation of candidature at the bare threshold.

23. The candidate is deemed to have read, agreed and accepted the instructions and terms and conditions for NEET-PG on completing the registration form by the candidate.

24. The jurisdiction for court cases/disputes shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts at Delhi/New Delhi only.

Scheme of Examination


1. NEET-PG examination shall be held in November/December 2012 for admission to MD/MS/PG Diploma Courses session 2013-14 and conducted as a Computer Based Test.

2. The test comprises 240 multiple choice, single correct response questions in English Language only.

3. The examination shall be a multiple choice questions test delivered using computers network as per scheme prescribed.

4. Kindly note that the weightage of MCQ’s is indicative and purely provisional. NBE reserves its rights to alter /vary /amend the same.

5. Negative Marking: There shall be no negative marking.

6. Allocation of time for the NEET-PG can be checked on

Kindly note that, the test time of 195 minutes includes – 15 minutes of test tutorial time and 180 minutes for attempting the test.

7. Kindly note that the applicant candidates shall be allocated to appear either in FORENOON session or in the AFTERNOON session i.e. the NEET-PG comprises ONE session/candidate only.

8. Syllabus: The Syllabus for the test shall comprise of subjects /knowledge areas as per the Graduate Medical Education Regulations issued by Medical Council of India with prior approval of Government of India. An extract of the same is enclosed at Annexure B, kindly refer to MCI website for complete document.











9. ENT 9







Note : Kindly note that the weightage of MCQ’s as above is indicative and purely provisional. NBE reserves its rights to alter /vary /amend the same.

The syllabus of the above topics shall be as per the latest Graduate Medical Education Regulations notified by the Medical Council of India with prior approval of the Govt. of India. For Graduate Medical Education Regulations please refer;